In this session we will explore the role of foreign direct investment (FDI) and transnational corporations in the global economy against the backdrop of Argentina’s 2001 economic crisis and its aftermath.

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Required Readings

Chapter 7 of O’Brien and Williams

Chapter 11 of Ravenhill

Mario Carranza, “Poster child or victim of imperialist globalization? Explaining Argentina’s December 2001 political crisis and economic collapse”, Latin American Perspectives 32/6 (2005), pp. 65-89.

“Come and get me”, The Economist, 18 February 2012

Zachary Elkins, Andrew T. Guzman and Beth A. Simmons, “Competing for capital: The diffusion of bilateral investment treaties, 1960–2000”, International Organization 60/4(2006): 811-846.

Recommended Readings

Chapters 5 and 12 of Chang

Lauge Skovgaard Poulsen, “Bounded rationality and the diffusion of modern investment treaties”, International Studies Quarterly 58(2014): 1–14.

Kenneth J. Vandevelde, “The political economy of a bilateral investment treaty”, The American Journal of International Law 92/4 (1998): 621-641.

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