bookcoverAre legal agreements designed to protect the interests of foreign investors compromising the ability of governments to protect the environment?

Recent years have seen an explosive increase in investor-state disputes resolved in international arbitration. This is significant not only in terms of the number of disputes that have arisen and the number of states that have been involved, but also in terms of the novel types of dispute that have emerged. Traditionally, investor-state disputes resulted from straightforward incidences of nationalisation or breach of contract. In contrast, modern disputes frequently revolve around government measures taken to further public policy goals, such as the protection of the environment. This book explores the outcomes of several investor-state disputes over environmental policy. In addition to examining the pleadings of parties and decisions of arbitral tribunals in disputes that have been resolved in arbitration, the influence that investment arbitration has had in negotiated outcomes to conflicts is also explored.


  • Prof Robert Lee (Environmental Liability Vol 18/1, 2010) described the book’s central argument as “beautifully conceived and weaved”.
  • Nicolette Butler and Prof Surya Subedi (Journal of World Energy Law and Business, Vol 4/2, 2011) refer to the book as an “inspired work” that “uniquely provides a comprehensive, unbiased analysis” of the relationship between investment law and environmental governance and is “written by an individual with outstanding knowledge of both aspects of the topic.”
  • Prof Kevin Gallagher (Environmental Conservation Vol 38/01, 2011) and singled out the “the highly original documentation of the use of [international investment agreements] to threaten governments into changing policy” as the book’s most important contribution.

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